RHRQuality Step Panther Complete Set (Light Grey)

This is a complete set for the Panther steps from RHRQuality. This is a spare component that you can reorder to replace a current cat tree component. You can buy all your cat tree components at Cat Tree King, your cat tree specialist!
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This is a complete set of stairs for the Panther cat tree that you can put somewhere in your home or use as a replacement component from RHRQuality. These stairs can be ordered separately to replace the steps of your Panther. They are made from high-quality natural sisal and 600 g/m2 plush. The Steps are also especially suitable for the largest and heaviest cats or multiple cats that want to use them at the same time.

On top of that, we have tested all our steps to a minimum weight of 20 kg, so even the largest and heaviest cats can enjoy them. Do you think it is time for a new component after your cats have been using it for several years? You can easily and quickly order a new one from RHR Pets, so your cat can keep enjoying it for years to come!

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