Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy

Disclaimer and privacy

This Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy applies to all activities that are developed within RHR Concepts. B.V. This holding company consists of the following websites

Registration number at the Chamber of Commerce: 16064495

Tax Number: NL814830420B01

Hereafter to be called jointly: “DIERENVILLA”.

E-mail address: [email protected]

Phonenumber: +31 (0)416 383 221 (working days from 9 am to 5 pm)

Company Address: Van Harenstraat 6, 5145 RJ WAALWIJK, the Netherlands

When you are a user of one of our websites or services, we may collect, use, disclose and store your personal data as described in this Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy.


Privacy statement

The promise of DIERENVILLA:

  • We are careful with your data. You can count on your data to be safe with us and to comply with the law.
  • We do not sell your data to third parties for commercial purposes.
  • We inform you about the use of your data and offer you the opportunity to view and modify your data and the choice you have made with regard to your privacy.
  • You determine what happens to your data. We respect the choices you have made regarding your privacy.
  • You can receive insight at any time, request changes or request the removal of all data that we have stored about you.

How do we collect your data?

  • When visiting (one of) our Websites
  • By transferring data (analogue or digital).
  • When applying for products or services by you as a customer.
  • When creating an account.
  • When registering for newsletters and e-mails.
  • When using social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Information that you provide to us:

We process your personal data by providing our services (for example the information that is provided to us via email, telephone, our store or during a conversation). The personal data we collect, among other things, are:

  • (Company)Name
  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • Residence
  • Country
  • Phonenumber
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Payment details
  • Buying behavior
  • Language selection

Data that we collect automatically:

When you visit (one of) our websites, we automatically collect data that is sent to us via the computer, smartphone, tablet or other equipment.

This data can be collected with the help of cookies. About the operation of cookies and the various cookies we use, you will find more information in the chapter "Cookie Policy". The personal data we collect, among other things, are:

  • Browser data
  • Operating system
  • Duration of your visit
  • Pages you visit
  • Links you click on
  • Connection data, such as the IP address
  • Location data based on your IP address

Why does DIERENVILLA processes personal data?

DIERENVILLA collects and processes data for the following purposes:

To process orders for products and services (a contractual obligation)
To be able to execute orders for products or services. When you place an order, we process your personal data to deliver your order to the desired address. Of course, we need your data for the payment of your products.

To be able to inform you First
To be the first to send you newsletters and messages as a customer and to inform you about current offers and promotions.

To maintain the relationship with you and to carry out assignments
If you are a customer with us, we want to be of service to you. We process personal data for this purpose. For example, we use your name and address details to maintain contact.

To protect your and our interests
To be able to inform about a new privacy statement, but also if the situation arises that there is a data breach.

For the development and improvement of our products and services
In order to serve you well, we are constantly working on the development and improvement of our products and services such as the website. In some cases we process personal data for this. For example, if you ask a question about a product. By means of market research and compiling data, we can also further develop our products and services.

For promotional and marketing purposes
We may process your personal data for promotional or marketing purposes. For example to inform you about a new product that may be of interest to you. Or to better respond to your wishes. We may link your use of our website to the information that is known to us about you to improve our services and to show you relevant advertisements. We can also use the data we have recorded for you to perform analyzes. With the help of these analyzes we can improve our service to you. We can send you personal offers based on, among other things, previous purchases that we think are relevant to you.

To meet legal obligations
In the Netherlands, we are obliged to retain certain data for, for example, the tax authorities.

Providing your personal data to third parties

We do not share personal data with third parties for commercial reasons. Only for the export of our services can we disclose your personal data to third parties in accordance with this Privacy and Cookie Policy and the applicable laws and regulations.

We use different services from third parties to process your personal data. These third parties act as processor for DIERENVILLA. Your personal data are processed by our processors on secure servers within the EU. DIERENVILLA has concluded processor agreements with all its processors in accordance with European and Dutch privacy regulations. These parties are: delivery partners, suppliers, product support, payment partners (privacy policy of MultiSafePay, privacy policy of PayPal), IT service providers and parties that collect our reviews. In addition, separate legal entities within DIERENVILLA have limited access to your data for different marketing purposes.

You can lodge an objection against the abovementioned benefits to third parties by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

We will not disclose your personal information to law enforcement officers, other government officials or other third parties without a court order or formal request from the government in accordance with applicable laws, unless DIERENVILLA has a good faith belief that the disclosure of information is justified.

We also provide your personal data to third parties insofar as this is required by law, legislation and regulations (such as holders of intellectual property rights, supervisory authorities, tax authorities, police and other legal authorities).

Retention periods

We do not store your data longer than necessary for the realization of the purposes for which they were collected and processed. We also delete your data if it is found to be outdated or if the person concerned requests removal himself. Data associated with an account is retained until the account is deleted. The above storage periods will be deviated from if there is a legal exception (including tax custody obligations), or in the event that we need these data for a longer period of time for our services or a dispute.

Security of your personal data

We will take all reasonable organizational and technical security measures to protect your personal information and protect it against loss and improper use or modification. We always use a secure (SSL) connection during the ordering process and sending contact forms.

Links to other websites

Our website contains links to third party websites that may have different conditions for the processing of your personal data. We are not liable for the processing of your personal data via such third-party websites.

Your right to access and change

You have the right to request us in writing to inspect your personal data. You can submit this request by e-mail: [email protected], or by mail: DIERENVILLA, Van Harenstraat 6, 5145 RJ WAALWIJK

If you suspect that the personal data contains inaccuracies or have been processed incorrectly, you can request us to correct, supplement or delete this personal data. By means of the aforementioned contact details or available opt-out options you can object to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes. You can also request us to limit the processing of personal data. You can also request us to transfer your personal data to another responsible party. Objections and requests for inspection, modification, deletion or transfer of your personal data will be in accordance with the law and will be handled by us within four weeks.

You can view your data at any time via your account on the DIERENVILLA websites..

Younger than 16

Everyone, young and old, can of course visit our shops and / or make use of our services. In case you are younger than 16, however, we may not process any personal data from you unless your guardian(s) has given permission for this. We request that you do not provide us with any personal data if you have not received permission from your guardian(s) for this.

Your account at DIERENVILLA

In order to be able to make full use of the services and functionalities that DIERENVILLA offers via the website's, you can create a webshop account. When you create an account, you are asked to provide certain information. You are not obliged to provide all data. Providing a valid e-mail address, first and last name is mandatory. In addition, you can leave more information on your own initiative. You can always adjust the information you provide. However, the more data you enter, the better DIERENVILLA can tailor its service to you. DIERENVILLA uses the information provided, in addition to the other purposes mentioned in this Privacy Statement, to be able to create the account and to provide you with the associated functionalities.

If you want to use a new functionality for which you have to provide data that you have already provided, this data will be filled in automatically. This prevents you having to enter data again with every new functionality.

Personal offers

Based on the data collected by DIERENVILLA, a profile is built up. On the basis of this profile, DIERENVILLA tries to tailor its offers to you as well as possible. These offers can be brought to your attention by means of newsletters, e-mails, post or personal offers on the DIERENVILLA website or via third-party websites. This only takes place via the channels you have given your permission for via the DIERENVILLA website or e-mails.

To make the offer personal, DIERENVILLA uses a number of details from you, including: the products you buy from DIERENVILLA, through which channel you make your purchases, from which DIERENVILLA offers you use, what you click in our newsletter and your website visit data. In addition, the information sent to you by DIERENVILLA will be adapted to the profile that you enter.

Furthermore, DIERENVILLA processes the information you have provided to us, such as your first name and e-mail address. DIERENVILLA stores this data until you change or delete it. You can change or delete it via your DIERENVILLA account.

E-mails and newsletters

On the DIERENVILLA Website you can sign up for receiving newsletters via e-mail with offers and general information about the DIERENVILLA showroom and promotional campaigns. DIERENVILLA processes your data to send newsletters. If you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, you can unsubscribe at any time in the manner indicated in the newsletter (opt-out link). DIERENVILLA saves your registration and your data until you indicate that you no longer wish to receive the newsletters. In that case, DIERENVILLA will still register that you have unsubscribed.

Contact with DIERENVILLA

If you contact the DIERENVILLA customer service, because you have questions or complaints about the services of DIERENVILLA, your contact details and your question or complaint will be kept by DIERENVILLA. DIERENVILLA may ask you to provide more information if they find it necessary to answer the question or handle the complaint.

The data collected in this way are used, among other things, to answer the relevant question and to process complaints. The information provided is also stored in the central database and used for the purposes stated in this Privacy and Cookie Statement.


For the reception and processing of applications, DIERENVILLA uses a central application system. This personal data is stored for 3 months and will then be destroyed.


Cookie Policy

Cookies are small, simple text files that we place on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website. Information about your website visit is kept in these cookies. At your next visit with the same device, the information in this text file will be consulted so that we can recognize you.

Safe and confidential

The information stored in the cookies is used for this website and can be used by third parties to collect personal data such as your IP address and to follow you when you visit another website. This only happens if you have given permission for the cookies.

We use the following cookies:

First-party cookies
These cookies are sent to your browser by our website.

Third party cookies
These cookies are sent to your browser by a domain or a page that is managed by another entity. Consequently, data collected via these cookies are also processed.

Session cookies
These are cookies that are only used during a visit to our website, that is, that the processed data is volatile and is deleted again after a short period of time.

Permanent cookies
These are cookies that are placed to process data for an extended period of time. They persist after you stop browsing the Internet, close the browser, and turn off the computer. Permanent cookies process data for a long time.

Analytical cookies
Using Google Analytics and other analytical cookies, we keep track of how our website is used. This way we can improve the quality of the website. The information obtained with the help of Google Analytics cookies is transferred securely (via SSL) to and stored by Google on servers in different countries within the EEA and beyond. To read what Google does with your (personal) data, you can read the privacy policy of Google for more information, as well as the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics.

Social Media cookies
On our website buttons are included to social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These buttons work through pieces of code that come from Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest respectively. Cookies are placed through this code. We have no influence on that. Read the privacy statement of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (which can change regularly) to read what they do with your (personal) data that they process via these cookies. Most browsers offer you the possibility to refuse the placing of cookies. Below you will find an overview of browsers and an accompanying manual to refuse cookies. The refusal of cookies can have a negative influence on the operation of our website:

How can you disable cookies?

You can always choose to disable some or all cookies. You can use the control panel of your browser to manage cookies.


Final provisions

Changes to the Privacy Statement and the Cookie Policy:

We reserve the right to change this Privacy and Cookie Policy from time to time by posting a new version on our website.

Contact details DIERENVILLA:

If you have questions about our Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy or about the way we process your personal data, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • By e-mail:
  • By mail:
    • Van Harenstraat 6
    • 5145RJ WAALWIJK
    • The Netherlands
  • By phone:
    • +31 (0)416 383 221 (working days from 9 am to 5 pm)

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