General Terms and Conditions

0.0 Applicability conditions.

0.1 The conditions stated below apply to all quotations and agreements entered into between and customer / buyer.
0.2 These terms and conditions apply in full, unless otherwise stated in writing.
0.3 Conditions used by the buyer are never part of the agreement existing between the parties.

1.0 Quote and or orders.

1.1 The latest prices on the website of apply.
1.2 An agreement is then concluded, after has made a written confirmation or confirmation by e-mail with regard to the ordered.
1.3 Orders placed by telephone are always confirmed by e-mail, after which a final confirmation to be given by the buyer is required.

2.0 Prices - delivery - payment - Sterling Fee.

2.1 All prices are including the applicable VAT rate. Added fees that are issued by your credit card company are not issued by and can be charged for overseas payments by your credit card company. We, are stated in the Netherlands. Which means that your creditcard company may charge you a Sterling Fee. You can avoid this by using a "multi-currency card". Although this fee is not that high (Between 1-3% of the total amount), it is something that you can avoid.
2.2 Packages: Shipping takes place via DPD. If you are not at home, you will receive a message from DPD.
2.3 Packages under 31.5 KG: We ship your order within 5 working days via DPD, after the order has been paid. The speed depends partly on the payment method you have chosen.
* It is possible that your order weighs more than 31.5 kg, but consists of several packages. 
2.4 As long as the agreement has not been concluded, is authorized to change the prices and further conditions stated on the website.
2.5 Ordered goods are delivered exclusively in boxes, in which a clear assembly instructions are delivered.
2.6 On the day and time agreed with you, someone must be present to receive the goods. In the event that no one is at home, the additional costs will be borne by the buyer.

3.0 Delivery time.

3.1 Delivery of ordered goods always takes place in consultation and within 30 days of the date of the order.
3.2 After this period, the buyer has the right to cancel the order after which the amount paid is immediately (within 2 weeks) paid by bank / giro.

4.0 Complaints and / or return.

4.1 If the delivered goods do not meet your expectations, the buyer has the right to return them to within 14 days. Product must be unused.
4.2 The shipping costs are always payable by the buyer. The goods to be returned must be sufficiently stamped. Packages that are not prepaid or underpaid will not be accepted. Returns that have been arranged by yourself, need to be shipped to us with Taxes & Duties Paid (Counts for the UK, Suisse & Norway). If not shipped to us with Taxes & Duties paid, we will not accept the return.

4.3 The packaging of the goods to be returned must be original and in good condition.
4.4 After inspection and approval by, the amount paid by the buyer without any freight and cash on delivery costs will be refunded to the buyer's account within 14 days.
4.5 Before goods are returned, an agreement must be made by both parties. Without an agreement, goods are consistently refused.

5.0 Force Majeure.

5.1 In case of force majeure, is never liable for damage suffered by the buyer or third parties.
5.2 Force majeure also means: delay of the execution of the agreement as a result of strikes and actions of third parties where can not reasonably influence.
5.3 For as long as the force majeure situation continues, the obligations of both the buyer and the will be suspended.
5.4 If the force majeure situation lasts longer than the agreed delivery time, the purchase agreement can be dissolved by one of both parties. Before this is the case, both parties must consult each other.

6.0 Guarantee.

6.1 On all goods delivered by, we give 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects. By making or incurring costs are never covered by the warranty
6.2 If desired, may ask the buyer to send the product for inspection of the nature and cause of the defect. This should always be done with sufficient postage.
6.3 This guarantee does not apply if you: made changes to the article; there are defects that have arisen due to incorrect or improper use, such as non-compliance with the accompanying instructions; the defect was caused by intent or gross negligence; has not been given the opportunity to investigate the complaint and, if necessary, rectify the defect or if the buyer refuses to send the product sufficiently stamped to us for inspection.

7.0 Liability.

7.1 The liability of with regard to the delivery and sale of all articles is expressly limited to the warranty under item 6.
7.2 is not liable for technical data provided by suppliers or producers and non-foreseeable and reasonably uncontrollable poor quality of the products
7.3 For the rest, every liability of is limited to the amount of the assignment.

8.0 Other provisions.

8.1 Dutch law applies exclusively to all legal relationships.
8.2 Insofar as Dutch law permits, the judge in the district will take cognizance of disputes at the discretion of
8.3 In the event that any provision of these conditions is considered legally ineffective, this will not affect the binding nature of the other provisions between and the buyer.


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