Advice when purchasing a cat tree

How do you choose a cat tree for your cat and what should you pay attention to?

If you have the possibility to come to the Cat Tree Showroom (in the Netherlands), we can advise you on the choice of the right cat tree. We have more than 400 models of cat trees.
You can also come to us for every part of a cat tree a supplied by us.
So if you need a spare part like a sisal post or a hammock, then you are at the right address at

We also advise you by telephone about the choice of a scratching post. Our team can be contacted on +31 (0) 416-383221.

1) For how many cats are you looking for a cat tree

With several cats it is wise to also look at the number of lying areas on a cat tree.
Cats like to lie on a high surface, so high lying areas are desirable.

2) Strength of the cat tree. How heavy is your cat?

If your cat is heavier than about 5 kg we advise you to look at a cat tree for large cats. These cat trees often have thicker sisal pals and large lying areas.

3) How much space do you have available for your cat tree?

First measure the space where you want to place the cat tree. Many cat trees have parts that protrude (An example of this is a hammock, these are often rotatable) so take this into account when buying a scratching post.

4) Do you want a stand-alone cat tree or a ceiling-high cat tree?

A loose cat tree "looks" often smaller than a cat tree that goes up to the ceiling and the ceiling high cat tree will certainly be present in the living room, but the advantage of a ceiling high cat tree is that you clamp it against the ceiling, making the cat tree extra stable.


Are you unsure about the right choice of a cat tree? We are happy to advise you!

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