RHRQuality Design Scratching Post Maine Coon Feline Elite 190 Blackline Darkgrey

The Maine Coon Feline Elite 190 Blackline Darkgrey is our latest designer scratching furniture. An unprecedentedly unique product for people with a modern interior. Because of the stunning steel and familiar soft plush, a different kind of scratching post
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The designer scratch furniture for big cats, the Maine Coon Feline Elite 190, is the most modern designer furniture designed, drawn and tested by the Cattreeking team! This stunning furniture has everything a modern household has, but designed in a cat furniture. This scratching post is particularly well suited, due to its sturdy construction, for large breed cats like the Maine Coon, Ragdoll or Norwegian Forest Cat and can handle up to 5 (!) cats at a time without any problem.

From top to bottom, we will take you through this product: this furniture starts with the extremely large lounge lounger at the top (this is the largest RHR Pets has designed so far!). Measuring up to 90cm wide, this lounger has a hole 25cm in diameter on the right-hand side, allowing your cat to scramble and climb upwards via the platforms. In the bedding tray, we have also added a lovely 4-5cm thick pillow so your cat can dream away at great height (the furniture is almost 2 metres high, about 1.9m!).

The plateaus lead to the top of the house, where your cat will find the 79cm high sisal pole. Ideal for stretching and stretching properly, which is ergonomically very important for your cat's joints and health. Inside the house there are 3 openings, 2 on the side and one on the top for easy access (for your cat, but also for vacuuming. Really everything has been thought of!). There is also a lovely thick cushion there where your cats can play and hide.

The scratching post also stands on legs, so you can easily vacuum and mop underneath (height is perfect for when you use a robot hoover).

All in all, we are extremely happy, and proud of this product. Ideal for your large cat and also not an eyesore for modern households OR for someone who wants designer cat furniture from RHRQuality for once!

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