RHRQuality Cat Tree Royalty Plus Light Grey

Cat tree for large cat Royalty Plus Light Grey posts 20cmØ cat scratcher scratching post activity centre for large cats. Quality production from RHRQuality
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Cat tree for large cat Royalty Plus Light Grey Sisal posts 20cmØ cat scratcher scratching post activity centre for large cats. Quality production from RHRQuality

  • Cat Tree for large cats. Posts with natural sisal Ø20cm diameter ! Total 35KG Quality Cat Tree
  • Large top lying place 60x43x15 (Pillow of 5cm thick included)
  • Base stand 60 x 60 x 4,5 (Made extra heavy) and below sisal post is made with 4 screws in this bottomplate.
  • Total sice 60x60x155. Steps/ lying place 55x55 cm
  • High quality from top brand RHRQuality ( Dutch design). Quality Production.
Cat Tree Royalty Plus Light Grey is a very steady cat tree with 20cm thick sisal poles and bottom plate of 60x60x4,5 cm which is made very heavy.

Even the 20cm thick sisal pole goes with 4 screws in the bottom plate for the most steady construction. 

The Royalty has 55x55 cm large lying places to ly on or through the large step your cats goes easy to the very large lyingplace from 60x43x15cm which has a removable an washable 5cm thick pillow. For this lying place 2,5 cm thick wood is used. (Very strong).

Also here the best materials are used and even for the largest cats as Maine Coon and Ragdoll this cat tree has long scratching length and a lying place that is big enough.

Probably in this height the most steady cat tree in the market.

Next to this it is a beautiful item in your interior.

With his height from 157 cm a perfect place to look over the room or out the window or room.

Colour: Light Grey

Bottom plate: 60 x 60 en 4,5 cm thick. 
Height: 157 cm. 
Sisal poles: 20 cm diameter.
Lying place : 60 x 43 x15 cm (Pillow of 5cm thick included).

Important: All parts off this cat tree you can order as a spare.So if in the future something happens you can order the spare part of the cat tree. (Unique with all cat trees of brand RHRQuality). 

This RHRQuality Cat Tree is designed in Holland and made from the best materials.


Alison Vizulis-Vernon Posted on 29 July 2021 at 10:38

Superb -very sturdy and great looking but very large. I have a very large Bombay black cat who used to use this but when we moved to a bungalow he preferred our large front window so I donated the tree to a cat shelter. Now we have a new kitten too I have ordered a 2nd cat tree as he needs somewhere for alone time and thinking they can both use the perches.
I’ve seen others but the beds & perches are too small for him as he is 6.5kg and big and they seem too wobbly.. this is neither of those.
This is a definite winner and u don’t have to screw it to the wall as it’s so stable. Although it’s expensive-well worth the money. I’m sad that I ended buying 2 but need to keep my cats happy

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