RHRQuality Cat Tree Royalty de Luxe Light Grey

Cat tree for large cat Royalty de Luxe posts 20cmØ cat scratcher scratching post activity centre for large cats. Quality production from RHRQuality
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Cat tree big cat Royalty De Luxe

This cat tree for bigger cats Royalty de Luxe of RHRQuality is a cat tree with extra thick sisal posts of 20 cm diameter large hammock and platform. Very suitable for large or heavy cats.

Unique: All parts of an RHRQuality-cat tree can be ordered separately.

This compact cat tree has a wide range of spots to relax for your cat. A wonderfully spacious platform, comfortable hammock and a large (55x55cm) step. The scratching post has Ø20cm thick sisal poles and the bottom sisal pole is mounted with 4 screws in the bottom plate for maximum stability, making it very sturdy and stable, so it is also suitable for several cats at the same time.

Your cat can oversee everything from the lounger with a wonderfully soft pillow at the top. Every cat's dream. The lounger has a removable and washable cushion that is attached with Velcro. The rotatable hammock is a unique combination of a hammock and a pillow. The hammock is attached with a sturdy metal frame and tested to a load capacity of 20kg! The quilted and padded hammock is covered with extra thick super soft plush. This also applies to the platform on which your cat can relax comfortably

Unique specifications of an RHRQuality- cat tree:

  • Sisal glued to the posts.
  • Very heavy and strong 600gr plush fully glued on all parts.
  • Posts completely covered with sisal. No plush on the sisal posts. (This plush would only be scratched of by the cat).


All parts of an RHRQuality-cat tree can be ordered separately.

Also available in the colours:

  • Dark Grey with black poles
  • Light Grey with black poles
  • Taupe with cream poles
  • Light Grey with cream poles
  • Cream with cream poles


  • Bottom plate: L60 x B60cm en 4,5 cm thick.
  • Height: 155 cm.
  • Sisal poles: diameter of 20cm of ABS plastic. (Most durable one in the market.)
  • Platform: L60 x B43cm x 15 cm edge and pillow.
  • Hammock rotatable and Ø45cm diameter. Quilted and padded.
  • Step: rotatable: 55 x 55 cm.

Unique: All parts of a RHRQuality-cat tree can be ordered separately.

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