RHRQuality Cat Tree Ragdoll Scratcher (Light Grey)

This scratching post Ragdoll Scratcher from RHRQuality is with its height of 85 cm and 15 cm thick sisal post a super sturdy and compact cat tree at Cat Tree King! Suitable for cats such as the Ragdoll, the Sacred Birman and the Maine Coon.
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The Scratching Post Ragdoll Scratcher from RHRQuality, is a scratching post with a 15 cm thick sisal post which is a true play paradise for small to large cats. Not only suitable for, for example, the British Shorthair, Sacred Birman or Ragdoll, but certainly also a large Maine Coon. With such a nice cat scratching post your cat can lose his energy, and you don't lose that much space.

This compact, stable and stylish scratching post has a compact design, which means that you can offer your cat a super nice scratching furniture without taking up a lot of space. Win - Win for you and your cat! The sisal pole, measuring 15 cm in diameter and approx. 80 cm (!) high, has the sisal glued to the pole itself. And because of this technique used by RHRQuality on the scratching post Ragdoll Scratcher, the sisal will not unroll.

The scratching post Ragdoll Scratcher has a heavily weighted base plate of 50 x 50 cm and is approximately 4 cm thick. That makes this crab trunk extremely stable!

Keep your cat fit and healthy with this scratching post! After all, your cat has enough space around the scratching post to let off steam. Thanks to the sturdy 80cm high sisal pole, even the largest cats can fully stretch and stretch, which is ergonomically important for your cat's joints.

As known from all cat trees, you can order the sisal posts for this scratching post separately.


  • Color: Light Grey
  • Height: 85cm
  • Full dimensions: 85cm x 50cm x 50cm
  • Weighted bottom plate
  • Sisal post with a diameter of 15cm (M8 screw size)
  • Sisal rope is glued to the pole so that it does not unroll
  • Weight: 10KG
  • The model next to the crampon bale is 1.60 m long
  • This sisal pole can be ordered in our webshop
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