RHRQuality Cat Tree Maine Coon Sleeper Plus Cream

Cat tree Maine Coon Sleeper Cream has 20cm thick posts and a mega executive chair with cushion. You can buy the Maine Coon Sleeper scratching post at Cattreeking.co.uk
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This scratching post is very suitable for larger and heavier cats with sisal posts with a diameter of 20cm. The spacious round seat at the top is easily accessible for the cat via the steps. And is a comfortable place to lie down with a wonderfull soft cushion from which your cat has a good overview. The round steps not only serve as a step, but are also great places to lie down for your cat. The play rope makes this scratching post complete!


The 60Øcm seat has a raised edge, 16cm high, completely covered with plush. The seat ‘s pillow is removable and washable. The steps are also completely covered with plush. The play rope has a length of 41 cm.



Height scratching post: 155cm

Bottomplate: diameter Ø60 cm and 4 cm thick.

Sisal posts: diameter of Ø20cm with ABS plastic. (Strongest in the market.)

Screwsize sisal posts: M10

Round steps: diameter of 55cm

Play rope: length of 41cm and thickness of 5cm

Hammock: 45Ø and with lovely thick plush


When you order this scratching post, it will be shipped to you in 1 box.


Also available in the colors:

  • Cream (RHR0463)
  • Light Grey (RHR0464)
  • Blackline Dark Grey (RHR0465)

Available in 4 variants:

  • Maine Coon Sleeper
  • Maine Coon Sleeper Plus
  • Maine Coon Sleeper De Luxe
  • Maine Coon Sleeper Crown


Liana Posted on 29 March 2021 at 13:32

Amazing cat tree - it looks even bigger in person! It's super soft and practical with loads of platforms for the cats to chase each other on and I'd say the height is perfect. Only took 3 days to come to the UK! I've had my eye on this for months but couldn't order due to Brexit. Overall super happy shopping with you!

5 stars based on 1 reviews Add your review
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