RHRQuality Cat Tree Maine Coon Sleeper Cream

Cat tree Maine Coon Sleeper Cream has 20cm thick posts and a mega executive chair with cushion. You can buy the Maine Coon Sleeper scratching post at Cattreeking.co.uk
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This scratching post is very suitable for larger and heavier cats with sisal posts with a diameter of 20cm. The spacious round seat at the top is easily accessible for the cat via the steps. And is a comfortable place to lie down with a wonderfull soft cushion from which your cat has a good overview. The round steps not only serve as a step, but are also great places to lie down for your cat. The play rope makes this scratching post complete!


The 60Øcm seat has a raised edge, 16cm high, completely covered with plush. The seat ‘s pillow is removable and washable. The steps are also completely covered with plush. The play rope has a length of 41 cm.



Height scratching post: 155cm

Bottomplate: diameter Ø60 cm and 4 cm thick.

Sisal posts: diameter of Ø20cm with ABS plastic. (Strongest in the market.)

Screwsize sisal posts: M10

Round steps: diameter of 55cm

Play rope: length of 41cm and thickness of 5cm


When you order this scratching post, it will be shipped to you in 1 box.


Also available in the colors:

  • Cream (RHR0463)
  • Light Grey (RHR0464)
  • Blackline Dark Grey (RHR0465)

Available in 4 variants:

  • Maine Coon Sleeper
  • Maine Coon Sleeper Plus
  • Maine Coon Sleeper De Luxe
  • Maine Coon Sleeper Crown
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