RHRQuality Cat Tree Kilimandjaro de Luxe Crown Light Grey

Cat Tree for large cats Kilimandjaro de Luxe Crown Light Grey cat scratching post activity centre for large cats. High Quality production from RHRQuality
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Cat Tree Kilimanjaro de Luxe Crown Light Grey is about 48KG very strong RHRQuality cat tree with extra thick sisal, 12cm diameter poles with everything a cat could wish for. Very stable and 180 cm high with a lovely high huge (60x43cm) executive chair with removable and washable cushion and a de Luxe hammock (combination between cushion and hammock) with 45cm diameter lying area . Hammock has a thick metal edge and can easily handle up to 20 KG weight. He also has the Crown hammock, the plate of which is 60x50cm in size and with a passage of Ø25cm and underneath a lovely padded hammock (removable and washable). 

With a large thick bottom plate and a curved bottom stair lined with sisal to scratch. The hiding house (53x38x31cm) has a large entrance and your cat can reach the next floor through a semi-round pipe. Also possible simply via the plate on the left. There is also a nice 5cm thick play rope on the scratching post. There is also a large lying area on the 2nd floor. At the very top are 2 more high seats. Including a large executive chair of 60x43 cm with a 5 cm thick cushion and 1 hammock de Luxe (Rotatable) with a 45 cm diameter lying area .

This cat tree is a quality product from RHRQuality. The sisal poles are made from very hard material and the hammock has been tested on a carrying weight of 20KG. Very high quality.

Unique specifications:
- Plush glued on all parts.
- Sisal glued to the posts.
- No plush on the sisal poles.
- Cushion de Luxe with stitching and is fixed with Velcro.
- Super luxurious hammock de Luxe (nw 2020). This hammock is a combination between a cushion and a hammock. The absolute dream of every cat.
- Crown hammock, the plate of which is 60x50, with a passage of 25cmØ and underneath a lovely padded hammock (removable and washable)

Colour: light grey

- Bottom plate size: 74 x 59 x 4cm.
- Height: 180 cm.
- Sisal poles: 12 cm diameter with ABS plastic filled trunks with cast-in thread M8.
- Hammock: 45cm diameter (over 20KG carrying weight)
- Upper seat : 60x43 and 15cm raised edge with 2.5 thick wood and 5cm thick removable and washable cushion.
- Crown hammock, the plate of which is 60x50 in size with a passage of 25cmØ and underneath a lovely padded hammock (removable and washable)
- Play rope: 57cm long and 5cm thick.
- Weight: approx 48KG

Unique: All parts of this cat tree can be ordered for our customers (applies to all cat trees of RHRQuality)

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