RHRQuality Cat Tree Devon Rex Plus Light Grey

Cat tree for large cats Devon Rex Plus Light Grey 15cmØ poles ca 31KG and 70x50x120cm cat scratcher scratching post activity centre for heavy or large cats. Quality production from RHRQuality
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Devon Rex Plus Light Grey

  • High Quality Cat Tree
  • Perfect for all kinds of catsmultiple cats and large breeds such as Maine Coons
  • Color of the fabric/plush: Light Grey
  • Color of the Sisal: Beige/Cream
  • Size and Weight:
    • 29kg total weight
    • Height: 120cm
    • Total Size: 120cm High x 70cm Wide x 50cm Deep
    • Extra thick 15cm diameter poles with natural sisal rope
    • Very strong and heavy bottom plate: 70cm wide x 50cm deep x 4cm high
  • Three Large Lying Places:
  • A Large Bed at the top with the size of 60cm wide x 43cm deep x 15cm high including a removable pillow of 3-4cm thick . The pillow is attached with velcro to make sure that it stays where it is when your cat is sleeping or playing.
  • Two Large Rotatable Hammocks with a diameter of 45cm and fitting for sisalpoles with a diameter between 12-15cm. Completely covered with plush.
  • The hammock is a unique design! It is a combination of a hammock and a pillow which makes it very soft! A great place to dream away!
  • Our Hammocks are tested for cats weighing up to 20kg!
  • Playhouse is 40cm wide x 40cm deep x 30cm high. Pillow is included.
  • Highest quality heavy plush, 600gr/m2
  • Large plateaus and places to relax, easy to go up and down for every cat
  • Lots of space for many cats to enjoy at the same time!
  • Very sturdy and stable construction. Even the largest cats can jump up our RHRQuality Cat Trees as hard as they can and it will stay safe and stabil!
  • Very easy to assemble, it will only take you a few minutes. Assembly manual and toolkit included.
  • High quality product from RHRQuality, Europe’s leading brand!
  • Every part of a RHRQuality Cat Tree can be ordered separately so you will be able to enjoy your Cat Tree for many years
  • Shipped in Two boxes with building instructions and screws included.
  • Designed in The Netherlands


How can you recognize a RHRQuality Cat Tree and why are RHRQuality products so unique?

  • All poles of a RHRQuality Cat Tree are fully covered with sisal rope from top to bottom.
  • RHRQuality glues the sisal directly to the poles. What used to happen with cheaper cat trees, is that the sisal comes lose. NOT with RHRQuality products! Because it’s made from natural sisal, and fabricated on the poles with the best care, it will not roll of.
  • All fixing parts of a RHRQuality pole are made of mega strong ABS to make your Cat Tree very sturdy and durable.
  • All the plateaus and lying places of RHRQuality Cat Trees are fabricated with plush at the bottom and at the top so you will never see a piece of the material underneath.
  • Our plush is from the highest quality and super sturdy. This is unique in the market!
  • The plush of a RHRQuality Cat Tree is glued to the panel over the entire surface. Very strong and durable!
  • And the most unique, and in our eyes most important of all, is that you can re-order ALL of the spare parts to keep your cat tree fresh and new when some parts have been used by your cat after a couple of years. From the smallest screws to the biggest plates, all on stock and at your address in 2-5 days. This is what’s RHRQuality is all about!
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