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The scratching post for big cats Cat Relax Light Grey of RHRQuality is a paradise for cats and is very big and sturdy with Ø12cm sisal poles and 64KG total weight.
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The scratching post Cat Relax Light Grey of RHRQuality is a paradise for cats and is very big and sturdy with 12cm thick sisalpoles and 64KG total weight. 

The special hammock at the top (combination between a hammock and a cushion) is 45 cm in diameter and tested to a weight of 20 kg. 

In terms of quality and durability, the cat tree is of a high level:
- Sisalpoles are 12cm and the 6mm thick naturalsisal, glued to the poles. (your cat cannot 'roll' the rope down when scratching)
- Extra thick super soft plush with a thickness of 600gr / m2 has been used (normally about 280gr). It is also very important that the plush is glued to all parts, making it extra strong. 
- This scratching post is more than 60KG total and mega sturdy. 

Colour: Light Grey

All dimensions:
Placement size:
Required minimum: 70 x 60cm (with hammocks turned inwards).
Maximum needed: 108 x 60cm (with the hammocks to the maximum turned outwards)
Bottom plate: 70 x 60cm and 4cm thick
Height: 178cm
Weight: 64kg 
Sisalpoles: 12cm diameter with sisal glued to the posts. (Total 9 sisal poles)
Playhouse: 50 x 60 x 50cm. Covered outside with sisal cover. Holes front 25x18cm oval.
Hammock: Rotatable and 45cm lying area and tested up to 20kg carrying weight. Combination of a hammock and a pillow.
Executive seat: 60 x 43 x 15cm with removable cushions with Velcro
This RHRQuality scratching post is delivered in 3 boxes.

Unique: With all scratching posts from RHRQuality you can reorder the parts.

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