RHRQuality Cat Tree Cat Penthouse Crown Light Grey

RHRQuality™ Cat Tree Cat Penthouse Crown made by and from the brand RHRQuality with huge Lounge seat with cushion and 2 hammocks (of which 1 Crown). You purchase your Cat Tree Cat Penthouse Crown from Cattreeking.co.uk, your Cat Tree specialist.
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Cat Tree Cat Penthouse Crown Light Grey

  • High Quality Scratching Post
  • Perfect for all types of cats, multiple cats & large breeds like Maine Coons
  • Colour of fabric/plush: Light Grey
  • Color of the sisal: Cream
  • Dimensions & Weight:
    • 60KG Total Weight
    • Height: 192cm
    • Total size: 192cm high x 74cm wide x 59cm deep
    • Strongest 12cmØ thick sisal poles of natural sisal.
    • Extremely strong and weighted base plate: 79cm wide - 59cm deep - 4cm thick
  • Three large lying places:
    • On the top is a huge lounge chair of 60cm wide – 43cm deep – 15cm high. The cushion, 3-4cm thick, can be fastened or loosened with Velcro. This way, the pillow stays when your cat(s) are relaxing or playing.
    • A large and turnable hammock with a diameter of 45cmØ which is suitable for sisal poles with a thickness of 12-15cmØ. Full lined with delicious thick plush!
    • A hammock Crown which is the unique combination of a hammock & a bed. Fully lined with the best plush. Together with the pillow you hang under the plate itself, this is a wonderful place to relax and play
    • Our hammocks have been tested up to a weight of 20kg! Which is not a problem even for the biggest and heaviest cats.
  • Scratching Barrel (incl. 1x  Cushion) is 82cm high, 40cm wide and 52cm deep! The two large openings at the front have a size of 18cm high and 20cm deep. In addition, there is an opening at the top of this playhouse so that your cat(s) can enter it from 2 sides.
  • Play rope made of high quality natural and is 60cm long.
  • Highest quality heavy plush, 600gr/m2
  • Huge plateaus and places to relax, play and climb.
  • Enough places so that several cats can use the scratching post at the same time to sleep, rest or play.
  • Strongest and most stable construction that allows even the biggest and heaviest cats to clamber and play on our RHRQuality scratching posts without fear that it could topp over.
  • Easy to assemble in minutes after arrival, the scratching post is already set by means of the easy-to-understand construction drawing and included screw set.
  • High quality products from RHRQuality BeNeLux and Europe's largest and leading brand products for cats!
  • Every part of RHRQuality scratching posts can be ordered so you and your cats can enjoy our scratching posts for years!
  • Shipping in three boxes construction drawing and screws are included
  • Dutch brand & Dutch Design


How do you recognize an RHRQuality™ product and why are RHRQuality products so unique?

  • All sisal poles of an RHRQuality scratching post are completely covered from the strongest sisal.
  • RHRQuality glues the sisal directly onto the pole itself. What used to happen to cheaper sisal was that it came loose from the pole. You then got "strings" of sisal and bald patches after a short period of time. NOT with RHRQuality products! Because our sisal is made of natural products and we process this in a special way on the pole itself, this does not roll off! In short, longer scratching fun and a nicer scratching post in total!
  • All scratching parts of our RHRQuality scratching posts are made of the strongest ABS which makes the scratching post extremely stable, sturdy and durable.
  • All RHRQuality scratching posts are manufactured with plush at the top & bottom, so you never see bare raw materials. In addition, it makes the places extra nice to lie on!
  • Our plush is the strongest in the market for scratching posts, and that makes RHRQuality unique!
  • The plush is fully processed on all parts with the exception of the sisal poles!
  • And the most unique thing, and in our opinion also the most important, is that you can reorder ALL the parts you see on the RHRQuality™ Scratching Posts. From the smallest screw to the largest beds! This makes it possible to replace the parts that show traces of use after a few years so that you do not have to purchase a completely new scratching post. This ensures that you and your cats do not have to wait for a new scratching post, your cat does not have to 'get used' to a new scratching post (which is common), but only on a few new parts or cushions.  UNIQUE that 2-5 days (UK 5-9 business days) after ordering you immediately have a fresh, as good as new scratching post. This is what RHRQuality is all about!


Greg Thomas Posted on 28 February 2022 at 21:58

Fast delivery, and the product is good quality. The size is as shown on the images. Our cat loves his penthouse. The instructions in the box were for the wrong cat tree, so had to work out certain parts. To improve, the half pipe/slide needs to have sisal rope on the inside so that the cat can use it to climb up through the hole. Currently its to slippery. Other than that, I would recommend.

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