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The scratching post for big cats Cat Paradise Cream of RHRQuality is a paradise for cats and is very big and sturdy with Ø15cm sisal poles and over 80KG total weight.
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The scratching post Cat Paradise Cream of RHRQuality is a paradise for cats and is very big and sturdy, with Ø 15cm thick sisal poles and over 80 KG total weight. Very suitable for large or heavy cats.
To place the scratching post you need at least 119 x 70 cm of space. With the hammocks (these are rotatable) completely turned outwards, it is 160 cm wide.

This scratching post offers plenty of scratch options to scratch at the sisal poles or the playhouse covered with sisalcarpet. The playhouse has the dimensions 50 x 60 x 91 cm and has 2 large (25 x 20 cm) entrances and exits at the front.

The special hammocks at the top (combination between a hammock and a cushion) are 45 cm in diameter and tested to a weight of 20 kg. Made of extra thick super soft plush.

At the top is a large seat of B60xD43xH15cm to be turned with a removable pillow that is attached to velcro and a very large berth 70x60cm.

In terms of quality and durability, the cat tree is of a high level:
- Sisalpoles are 15cm and the 6mm thick natural sisal, glued to the poles. (your cat cannot 'roll' the rope down when scratching)
- Extra thick super soft plush with a thickness of 600gr / m2 has been used (normally about 280gr). It is also very important that the plush is glued to all parts, making it extra strong. 

- The removable cushions are sewn and therefore stay nice longer.
- This scratching post is more than 80KG total and mega sturdy. Falling or moving because your cats are playing is unimaginable.

Colour: Cream

All dimensions:
Placement size:
Required minimum: 119 x 70cm (with hammocks turned inwards).
Maximum needed: 160 x 70cm (with the hammocks to the maximum turned outwards)
Bottom plate: 90 x 70cm and 4cm thick
Height: 184cm
Weight: 80kg+ 
Sisalpoles: 15cm diameter with sisal glued to the posts. (Total 9 sisal poles)
Playhouse: 50 x 60 x 91cm. Covered outside with sisal carpet. Holes front 25x20cm oval.
Hammock (4x): Rotatable and 45cm lying area and tested up to 20kg carrying weight. Combination so hammock and pillow.
Executive seat: 60 x 43 x 15cm with removable cushions with Velcro

Rope 5 cm thick and 43 cm long.

This RHRQuality scratching post is delivered in 3 boxes.

Unique: With all scratching posts from RHRQuality you can reorder the parts.


Phill Posted on 6 March 2023 at 16:07

This is an impressive set up. It’s big but perfect for large breed cats. As soon as I had it set up my Bengal was all over it. I’ve noticed he’s become a lot more playful whenever ever he’s on the tree! My other two moggies are a lot more cautious to new things but they are exploring the tree in their own time and way.

The instructions were okay but it took me a few hours to figure it out and put it all together. The only issue I had was the instructions tells you to use the smaller of the screws to attaché the slings to the top shelf but these didn’t work so I had to resort to using the longer screws. Luckily there was enough of those longer screws to use as the smaller screws worked fine when attaching the slings to the sisal pools.

Overall, very impressed with the tree. Make sure you have the space to put it as it is big!

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