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The scratching post Panther XXL (Blackline) for large cats. An upgrade on an all-time favourite of the old Scratch Post Panther. Now with two lovely large lounge loungers, 2 mega platforms for playing and relaxing making it perfect for large breed cats.
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Never argue about the lounger lounge again! The scratch post Panther XXL (for large cats), is the upgrade on RHRQuality's proven variant Panther. With two large loungers, a height of approx. 1.8m high it can easily handle up to 9 large (pedigree) cats at the same time! With the lovely large hammocks of up to 45cm in diameter, with all that comes with it makes this an ideal scratching furniture for one or more Maine Coons, Ragdolls or Norwegian Forest Cats!

From bottom to top through the product: the scratching post starts with a heavily weighted base plate, which is necessary for such a large model on which big cats run, jump, rest and play. From the ground (or via the steps), your cat easily climbs to the first platform, where he or she easily gets into the mega luxurious hammocks (of 45cm in diameter). Should that not be desired, that plateau is also a lovely place to rest, as we have our 600 g/m2 plush thick layer over it!

Via the middle platform, your cat will reach the top floor without difficulty. Because of the large hole in the top shelf (up to 25 cm in diameter), your cat can jump through it without any problems. Should that not be possible, climbing via the sisal poles or jumping via the hammock is also no challenge for the adventurous cat! From there it is only a short distance to RHRQuality's upper lounges. With a lovely cushion of up to 4-5cm thick for optimal chill fun!

And yes, we have listened to YOU (and other customers). 'My cats sometimes fight over who gets to lie highest, there's such a nice cushion in there'. Because of the two large beds, every cat has its own place. No more fighting about who gets to lie highest!

All in all, this scratching post has everything a cat's heart desires. Because of the total of 14 (!) sisal posts, 8 of which are longer than 40cm, this scratching post is not only pleasing to the eye. But it is also ergonomically tremendously good for your cat's health. There are more than enough long sisal posts to fully stretch and stretch on.

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