RHRQuality Cat Scratching Post Furry Bengal Beige

This cute scratching post, the Furry Bengal (Beige), by RHRQuality is a super cute and small designer piece of furniture with a wood look. Because of the longer hairs used for the fabric, this scratching post is great for lying and chilling in.
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'What an incredibly cute scratching post,' said a customer with us in our HQ/showroom in the Netherlands. And that's exactly what we think too! Because of the long hairs on the platforms and the wooden pole with wrapped sisal, this is a fun scratching post to put in your home with just a different look! Ideal for normal cats and kittens to climb and clamber around.

Because of the tiered structure, your cats can easily get to the top lounger, which sits approx. 85cm above the ground. Along the way, they will also come across a play rope of approx. 45 cm made of natural sisal. And of course they can rest, play and chill on the middle platform!

A strip of sisal is wrapped around the wooden posts, providing scratching fun to keep nails well-groomed. It is also ideal for kittens and smaller (pedigree) cats to have a nice scratching post in the house!


Julian Alison Posted on 26 July 2023 at 00:19

Great post - we got one for our smaller cats, who love it, whilst the bigger cats all have many other Cat Tree King Miane Coon posts around the house. It's a really nice post, nicely designed, and a little more subtle around the house than the huge posts the bigger cats use.

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