RHRQuality Cat Scratcher Royalty Retreat Blackline Dark Grey

Discover the ultimate sanctuary for your Maine Coon or Ragdoll with the impressive Royalty Retreat! Specially designed with all the features your beloved cat needs to entertain and relax, this scratching post provides space for up to 3 to 4 large cats.
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With a height of 1.4 metres, the Royalty Retreat offers your cat an expansive play and rest environment. Its versatile dimensions of around 70cm deep or wide (depending on how the house is turned) create a spatial experience where your Maine Coon or (pedigree) cat can move and explore to its heart's content.

Measuring a whopping 30cm high, 60cm wide and 35cm deep, the Retreat house is equipped with a lovely cushion, making it the ideal hiding place for your cat to retreat and rest after an intense play session.

The stylish scratching post has an exceptionally large 60 x 43cm lounge lying area on top and a removable soft cushion 4-5cm thick, on which even the biggest cats can fully stretch out. Thanks to the weighted base plate of 60 x 60cm, this luxurious scratching post is particularly stable for its size and can easily handle a weight of up to 40kg.

The 45cm Hammock can easily support a weight of 20kg so your cat can play, rest or sleep there wonderfully. Besides as a resting place, they also serve as a step to get halfway up the scratching post

The 20cm thick sisal posts provide the perfect opportunity for your Maine Coon to maintain its claws and get rid of excess energy. This not only helps to keep the claws healthy, but also protects your furniture from unwanted scratching behaviour.

Keep your cat fit and healthy with this scratching post! After all, around the scratching post your cat has plenty of room to let off steam. Thanks to the dire 30cm long and 20cm thick sisal posts, your cats can scratch to their heart's content, which is ergonomically important for your cat's joints.

The Royalty Retreat is expertly crafted with high-quality materials that ensure durability and stability. This ensures that even the largest and most active Maine Coons can safely play and enjoy this scratching post.

Give your beloved Maine Coon, Ragdoll or Norwegian Forest Cat the ultimate combination of adventure and comfort with the Royalty Retreat.

  • Colour: Blackline Dark Grey
  • Dimensions weighted base plate: 60cm x 60cm x 4 cm thick
  • Height: 140cm
  • 1 de Luxe hammock with a diameter of 45cm
  • Sisal posts with a diameter of 20cm (screw size M10)
  • Sisal rope is glued to the poles so it does not unwind
  • Lounge measuring 60 x 43 x 16cm high. Cushion is 5cm thick and washable by hand.
  • Playhouse which can also be used as a step (incl. cushion) measuring 30 x 60 x 35cm
  • Weight approx. 35kg
  • The model next to the scratching post is 1.65cm long
  • All parts can be ordered separately, as well as possible extensions
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