RHRQuality Cat Scratcher Birman Citadel (Beige)

A citadel is a fortification that dominates a fortified town and is independently defensible. And from this scratching post, up to 6 cats can defend the fortress at the same time!
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The (Corner) Scratching Post Birman Citadel (Beige) by RHR Pets is a scratching post which can provide a home for as many as 5 cats at the same time. Because of its height of about 1.8m, it rises like a tower above the rest and from there your cats can wonderfully keep an eye on everything. With its 15cm thick sisal posts and 1 single 20cm thick sisal pole, it also provides enormous stability and scratching fun.

The large Lounge seat of up to 60x43cm and 14cm high raised edge, two 60x35cm play barrels and the hammock de luxe do not go amiss with the design. The removable and washable cushions, up to 4-5 cm thick, complete the large cat lounger and cat house.

Due to the height of almost 2 metres (1.8m), it is of course great for your cats to be able to keep an eye on their domain from there. There are also two huge play houses measuring 60x35x30cm with 2 large entrances of 20cm in diameter which is fully covered with high-quality sisal. This comes with 2 wonderfully thick cushions so your cats can retreat or hide in one of the floors.

The 45cm hammock can easily support a weight of 20kg and the 55cm beds are also great for your cat to play, rest or sleep on. These platforms all have the high-quality, 600g/m2, plush glued to them. Apart from serving as resting places, they also serve as steps to get halfway up the scratching post.

With the Birman Citadel, you will keep your cat fit and healthy and give them a wonderful place to relax and play! After all, around the scratching post, your cat will have plenty of room to let off steam. The composition of 15- and 20-centimetre-thick sisal posts allows even the biggest cats to fully stretch and stretch, which is ergonomically important for your cat's joints.

  • Colour: Beige
  • Dimensions: 180cm high x 106cm wide (hammock outwards) x 100cm deep (with the step fully outwards).
  • Extremely suitable for placing in a corner
  • 7 ( ! ) sisal posts with a diameter of 15cm (6x M8 thread) and 20cm (1x M10 thread) in diameter.
  • Sisal rope is glued to the posts so it does not unwind.
  • Large Lounge seat measuring up to 60x43cm and 14cm high raised edge incl. 5cm thick cushion.
  • A wonderfully thick, 45cm in diameter and swivelling, 45cm large hammock de luxe.
  • Two lovely thick upholstered 55x55cm platforms that can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • Two enormous playhouses 60cm wide by 35cm deep and 30cm high including two lovely soft cushions.
  • Shelves and floors are covered with super thick and soft 600 g/m2 plush.
  • Weighted base plate 70x60cm and 4cm thick.
  • Weight: approx. 70 kg.
  • The model next to the scratching post is 1.65cm long
  • All parts can be ordered separately.
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