RHRQuality Cat Litterbox Mat Dirty Paw 75x55cm (Grey)

This cat litter mat (extra large 75 x 55cm) from RHR Pets is an ideal item to place near your litter box. The meshes or holes in the mat are made so that all the gravel, which your cat takes with him from the litter box, will be collected.
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This large cat litter mat from RHR Pets is, in our opinion, a must-have for every cat owner. A huge 'quality of life' convenience, this because after this you pretty much catch all the cat gravel that has stuck to your cat's paws after a toilet visit.

Because of its large dimensions of 75cm by 55cm, it is possible to place the litter box partly on top of the mat, eliminating any pellets falling beside or behind it.

How it works:

This ideal cat litter mat is double-walled. When your cat walks over it, the gravel falls into the holes. This keeps your home clean and through the opening, by folding the mat in half, you easily pour back the excess gravel.

  • Size 75 x 55cm
  • Available in black or grey
  • Ideal for placing in front of the litter box
  • Very easy to keep clean
  • The model pictured is a European Shorthair and is called 'Garfie' or 'Garfield'
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