RHRQuality Bottomplate Maine Coon Sleeper Light Grey

This is a Light grey coloured base plate for the scratch post Maine Coon Sleeper from RHRQuality. This is a spare part you can reorder to replace a current scratching post part.
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This is a Light grey coloured scratching post part from RHRQuality. This base plate, with the dimensions of 60 cm in diameter and about 4 cm thick, is an after-order part to replace the current part. The base plate is not only a super base for the scratching post as it is massively weighted for stability, but can also act as a bed for your cat with the lovely thick 600 g/m2 plush. This base plate can easily hold the weight of the scratching post and has enough connection points to keep the sisal posts firmly, and stably in place. This allows even the biggest and heaviest cats, or multiple cats, to use the scratching post at the same time.

What's more, we have tested all our platforms to a minimum load capacity of 20 kg, which means it can be used by even the biggest and heaviest cats. And if your cats have been using it for several years and you think it's time for a new platform? Then you have ordered it very simply and quickly at Cattreeking and your cat can enjoy his or her scratching post again for years to come!

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