Shipments/Returns & Brexit


4th of March 2021: Building up the excitement!


3rd of March 2021: Getting there!

We're currently testing some shipments to the United Kingdom (Incl. Northern-Ireland).

When these results are positive (ETA between 5 / 10 working days and 98% succesfull delivery rate) we will be planning to re-open our shop for UK-based customers! 

Stay tuned! We will let you know via this page, our Facebook and our Official RHRQuality Cat Tree - Instagram.


Kind regards,

Team Cat Tree King


22-01-2021: Temporarily pausing order intake from the United Kingdom (Do you live in the EU, no problem. You can still order with us!)

From the 28th of December until now, our website was still open for customers living in the United Kingdom to place orders. Due to the immense amount of orders, all issues around COVID, Brexit, Taxes and customs clearing, we had to make a decision about staying open, or pausing the order intake.

We have decided to pause the order intake because of all uncertainty about Brexit, very bad communication from the shipping companies and issues that are lying somewhere in between the UK and the communication to the EU (and the other way around) about products being bought and how to process these. There is just too much work that needs to be done now to get back on track and even then the 'standard' information that you should receive from us like an ETA or how VAT/Tax gets processed, is not clear for us.

We have received a lot of orders from all of you since the 28th of December, and we just need to get our information straight before we want to receive even more orders.


In the upcomming days, our team that has worked really hard to fix all of these issues, will wrap their heads together to make sure that when we will re-open the order intake for the United Kingdom, that everything will be as smooth as possible and with a clear ETA and Tax/Vat process.


Orders that have been done by you already, and for everyone who hasn't received his/her parcel/order yet, we're working on a short term solution. But as mentioned earlier, this is very laborious. But we're doing what we can.


As always, we want to thank all of you for your support, loyalty and remarkable patience. It has been a very difficult decision to make, but at this moment we saw no other choice.


Kind regards,

Your team Cat Tree King


-21-01-2021: UK-Delivery issues due to floods-

Due to floods around the UK, there some extra issues around the delivery of your parcels. If it weren't enough already :)

In those cases, shipments will not be updated until there is a better attempt to be made for delivery.


20-01-2021: Processing all orders for the United Kingdom

It seems that most of the 'new' orders that have been shipped are all cleared by the customs (NL → UK and UK → NL).

The time that it takes for DPD to process and check this takes between 1-4 working days after we've created the shipment. After it's been cleared from both sides (NL → UK and UK → NL), it'll take roughly 2-4 working days for the parcel to get to the distribition centers in the UK.

And then between 1-2 working days before it gets delivered at your door.

That makes it roughly 4-10 working days (in the worst case) before it's delivered at your door.


How we decide which parcels get shipped first:

  1.  (This is where we are now) Orders that have been shipped between the 28th of December 2020 and the 4th of January 2021 that came back to us, get shipped first and have first priority for us. In some cases, the parcels are not yet back with us completely. In those cases we need to wait until the parcel is back with us before we can re-ship this. This is because your parcel needs to be in 'pristine or near-mint condition' and the box that we've shipped to you the first time, will be re-shipped now. (Unless DPD has lost the parcel or when there is obvious damage/malfunctions. But we will proces and check this ourselves. This does not mean that your parcel can't be damaged at arrival with you, in that case just contact us).
  2. Orders that have been ordered & paid between the 4th & 10th of January will be shipped.
  3. All orders after the 10th of January ('from oldest to newest')

Because this is extremely time consuming we can not say 'when your order will be shipped'. But we can say that we're on it and are doing what is necessary. 


When you order now, please keep in mind that it'll take some time for us to process everything. If you need a particular product within a couple of days, we can not live up to that expectation if you live in the United Kindom. If you're not in a rush, feel free to order with us. 


Kind regards,

Your Cat Tree King Team



18-01-2021: Testing and message to customers

We're now shipping the first batch of orders that have been shipped/returned between 28-12-2020 & 06-01-2021


This is very laborious and takes between 10 and 20 minutes per order. As you can understand, this will take roughly 7 days to get back on track.

But you'll be notified when your order has been shipped.



14-01-2021 Testing, testing and more testing!

We're now testing some things that have a decent chance of working but are very laborious for us.

When this test comes out positive, we'll increase the number of parcels that we try to ship to the UK. If there is a nearly perfect succes ratio, we'll get all of our outstanding/pending orders shipped as soon as possible.

As we do not know if this will work, we can not guarantee anything yet. When we know more, we'll update this page.


We want to thank all of you for your trust, patience and most of all your kindness. We do really appreciate the kind words and your patience is out of this world.


Thank you from the whole Cat Tree King team!


Due to this issue, we've also temporarily stopped to offer Klarna for the UK as a payment method. We as a seller need to verify it after you've ordered and we are not able to provide the needed information at this moment. When this issue has been resolved, we'll be happy to take payments from Klarna-UK again.


11-01-2021: Ongoing issues with DPD/Sendcloud (refer. to our shipping partners)

Due to the ongoing issues that we experience together with you after Brexit, we're re-thinking about how we proces our shipments to the UK.

We will bet on several horses to find out if there are easier solutions to the problems that other shipping companies expierience. At this moment we're still not able to create shipments to the UK because these options have been shut down until further notice. This also counts for return shipments and warranties. 


As mentioned earlier, we're still on this case and hope to resolve this in short notice by using several companies that can show us that they do not experience issues.


We still hope for your understanding and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,

Your team Cat Tree King UK


06-01-2021: Problem with shipments for customers living in the UK

As you may have seen by now, is that the parcel(s) that we shipped to you is being returned to us or that your order has not been shipped yet.

We are very sorry to tell you that we were wrongly informed by the companies that are responsible for shipping and regulating your parcels and our orders after Brexit. There are malfunctions in their systems and we’re just a passenger in a very annoying/frustrating ride together with you as a beloved customer of ours.

They have let us know this morning the 6th of January, that there is a problem in the data and there is no immediate solution. The case has now been escalated with the companies responsible and they will make sure that this problem will be fixed ASAP.

This makes it for us not possible to ship you your order at this moment. We are, together with you equally disappointed that we are not able to live up to our estimated delivery dates on our website. We are putting a lot of pressure on the companies that should be able to ship the products to you and are 24h a day going after this.

We want to let you know that your order is still safe with us and that we will do what is necessary to get you and your cats the ordered products. And we will keep you updated via this page.


Our sincere apologies,

Team Cat Tree King UK



There will be some changes that will go live before Brexit.

  • A pick up at your address will no longer be available. So choose the product you want wisely as other return costs will be at your own expense.
  • We, as a company have a lot of things that we need to adjust and find out when there is information available about the Brexit. That means that there is also the possibility that you're not able to return your goods, or for us to send you something under warranty. We are still going to strive for a 100% customer satisfaction rate, but it'll take a bit longer than what we are known for.
  • The clearing to get through the customs, will be paid by yourself via an added price which you can find in the shipment proces. Which we will pass through to DPD (Still under construction)
  • We will do what we can to keep offering our cat trees and spare parts to you and we hope that you understand that adjustments need to made.


To all our other customers living in the EU

We are still able to offer and deliver, you our cat trees. 


Important information delivery times DPD:

The expected delivery time of DPD will currently be slightly longer than stated on our website. This is caused by the December rush and the Lockdown.


Important to know:

  • DPD offers a parcel to a private address a maximum of 2 times.
  • At a business address DPD offers the parcel only 1 time.
  • When the parcel cannot be delivered by DPD, DPD automatically returns the parcel to RHRQuality BV.
  • The parcels are not offered by DPD at a Parcel Shop because in most cases they are closed due to the Lockdown. When it's not closed in your region, you'll be notified of this as well.


Returning packages:

During this Lockdown, the following rules apply for returning a package:

  • You must report a return to us by e-mail within 14 days of receipt, stating your order number. Normally, a return shipment must reach us within 30 days, we temporarily extend this to 45 days because a DPD drop-off point may be closed.
  • Without a return form, we will not process your return and no refund will be made.
  • Pack the items back as well as possible in the original packaging with a fully completed return form enclosed.
  • Check for the current information and the nearest parcel shop:

We hope for your understanding and want to wish you amazing Christmas Days and a lovely NYE!

Kind regards,

Your Cat Tree King Team

Shipments/Returns & Brexit
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